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We are all aware of the fact that raw materials are finite. Sustainability, sustainable development and a "green” economy are the major challenges which a modern economy, companies and, of course, each and every one of us is faced with. For over 25 years now, obtaining a license for their packaging waste has become a standard procedure for companies that do business in Germany. An ecological success story, already a quarter of a century old, that also governs ELS Europäische LizenzierungsSysteme GmbH’s business activities.

Together with its customers, ELS ensures that everything goes full cycle. Behind the idea of packaging recycling is the concept of "EPR" - extended producer responsibility. According to this principle, the producer of a product is also responsible for ensuring that its packaging and also potentially harmful or valuable products such as batteries, electronic waste and much more are collected seperately and introduced to a sophisticated recycling system. The aim of EPR is the establishment of a functioning circular economy to conserve Earth's finite natural resources.

Since the early 1990s, Europe, and in particular Germany, has passed numerous laws and directives related to the implementation of the ERP concept that regulate the take-back of transport and sales packaging, and also of electrical appliances and batteries. Many of these regulations have been issued at the EU level; some countries have imposed even stricter rules through individual national ordinances. Collection and recycling targets must be reached for transport and sales packaging, and also for old electrical appliances or batteries introduced to the market. The respective licensing and recycling fees have to be paid in advance.

With its dual system ELS Dual, ELS Europäische LizenzierungsSysteme GmbH handles all packaging licensing in all European markets for its customers:

  • completely
  • legally compliant
  • sustainably
  • eco-friendly
  • internationally

In addition, we also license batteries and electrical appliances in accordance with the respective laws.

Our ELS Verpackungsticket® is particularly suitable for customers with small volumes of packaging to license; it is also perfect for companies that want to license their packaging volumes fast and easy online with only a few clicks – and this up to 50,000 euros.

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